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How to Attract Top Remote Talent to Your Company

Some of the world’s most successful companies–places like AirBnB, Toptal, and Zapier — are now remote first. Remote work isn’t a fad anymore, it’s a modern day reality. More and more companies are opting to be remote first or remote-friendly because of the huge benefits.

But how do you get great folks to work with you when you have a remote business? How do you attract talent without great snacks, a plush corner office and free parking?

Here are some ways you can attract remote talent to your company, even if you are brand new.

1. Create a great company culture

Culture is one of the first things remote workers consider when deciding which companies to work for. If you want great people, you need to build a great culture.

But what is a great culture? A great culture is one that makes your team feel seen, safe, and supported.

Make your people feel seen by encouraging positive virtual workplace interactions. You could create a work buddy system, a virtual water cooler, video dance and strength events.

Anything that makes your people feel seen and not used. Safe, not threatened. Supported, not screaming into a void or waiting to be diced on the chopping block.

You should also get to know your team and their personal situations. Your company should have a zero tolerance policy for any kind of abuse or harm to employees from within or without.

And lastly, provide all the tangible support you can too. For instance, you can give stipends, time off, flexibility, promotions, bonuses, awards and recognition regularly and at milestones.

2. Tell everyone about the great culture you’re creating

To attract great talent, you need to communicate your company’s amazing culture clearly and consistently. No matter how incredible your company culture is, no one will know about it. Unless you share it.

So share it.

Talk about it on your website’s career page. Paint a vivid picture on every job ad you make. Tweet about it. Make Tik-Tok videos. Don’t keep your great company culture a secret. Communicate it.

3. Get social

What’s the best way to let people know you are doing great things and keep you top of mind?

That’s right — social media

You can’t attract people that don’t know you exist. To get more people aware of your work, get social. Study the kind of people you want to attract, then go to the social media platforms they use and create great content for them.

They’ll reward you with a loyal following, devoted fans and of course people who want to be part of your empire.

If you want to attract writers, get on Twitter.

If you want tech talent, be on Github and Discord.

Looking for a mix? Then LinkedIn could be your best bet.

Go where they are, they will see you and come to you.

4. Keep your doors open

If you want to attract talent, then you need to let them know they are always welcome. Letting everyone know that you are “always looking for great talent in your industry” makes it more likely for people to send you possible hires. Figure out a way to sift through the applications and spot promising people.

Keep a database of people that you might need in future to cut recruitment time. Let everyone know you are always looking for great talent and how they can reach you.

It could be an email, a Google form or a form on your website. Do whatever works for you. But make it easy for folks who want to build with you to get in touch.

5. Create a reward/referral system

Birds of a feather, they say, flock together, and talented people usually know each other.

Especially in today’s interconnected interwebs. Instead of combing through, 93421 Subreddits, Slack groups and Discord chats; just reward folks who direct great talent to you.

For best results, you can include a highly specific wish list and a minimum time spent with your company for the referrer to be eligible.

6. Build your brand

Nectar naturally attracts bees. The more you share what you are doing and how you are doing it, the more people you will attract. And some will want to stay.

Invest in being seen, known and trusted.

The founders of Morning Brew had people paying to interview with them. But that was only after they had built one of the most influential newsletters on the planet.

Everything you do to bring more visibility and recognition to your brand will help attract people. Do it the right way, and you attract the right people.

Great companies are built by great people. You need people to make your corporate dreams come true. Getting great talent might look hard, but it is definitely achievable. And it will yield fantastic dividends for you and your business empire.

What do you think? Are there other ways to attract great talent without going bankrupt?

Let us know in the comment section.

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