It’s party night! Bring Your Own Bottle

Whether your remote company is trying to plan its next happy hour, your old college friends can’t make it to the same city for a night on the town, or you find yourself in the middle of a global pandemic, BYOB lets you bring the party home.
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UI/UX Design

Full stack Development

Product Client


Figma, React Native, Node.js, GraphQL, MongoDB, Express, Twillio


When you can't go out to the bars, we'll bring the bars to you

Born into the throes of the pandemic, BYOB is a virtual-first social app. Explore a series of virtual scenes with your group while connecting over drinks.


Longing for social interaction (and a stiff drink) while under lockdown will inspire some creativity. That's what happened for us, and the team got to work right away.

Conceptual Design

Fun and exploratory, easy to access, simple to navigate. The goal here was to make the bar hop virtual without losing the serendipity of drunken roaming on a Friday night after work.

App Design

We put together all the things you love about a night on the town - ambience, great music, great friends, drinks and OPTIONS. The key was to include all these elements while keeping the user experience as hassle-free as possible.

Our Process

First Phase


Some of the best ideas just come to you on a whim. Quarantine will do that to you. The first step was turning this idea into a practical plan.

Second Phase

Ideation / Concept Development

Here’s where we planned out what the app would do, what is could look like and which features potential users would most appreciate.

Third Phase


Then it was time to put thoughts on paper (digitally of course). Our designers build out wireframes to craft the flow of the user experience and, after a couple rounds, we were ready to put this into production.

Fourth Phase

Design Development

6 weeks later, a fully functional prototype was designed and ready to go.


We went with warm, fuzzy tones to balance the cool bubbly in your glass.


Primary /


Secondary /


Secondary /


Text Colors

Gray 1 /


Gray 2 /


Gray 3 /


Gray 4 /


State Colors

Gray 1 /


Gray 2 /


Gray 3 /


Gray 4 /



Classic but laid back. Like a good Old Fashioned.


Line height and paragraph spacing for body text is : 1.4 x font size


Google Fonts

large text bold

large text regular

medium text bold

medium text regular

normal text bold

normal text regular

small text bold

small text regular

Font size
Line height

Simple, Cozy and Familiar

Like sitting at your favorite spot at the bar

Available on any device you might choose, BYOB lets you tap into the action whenever you’re ready. It’s as easy as 1,2,3. All you do is sign up, choose the type of outing you want to have, invite your friends and show up. The rest of the night is yours to create.

Collaborative Approach

Like a fine wine, these designs get better with time. Different members of our team look at the product from every angle for a well-rounded, all-things-considered, final deliverable.

Low Fidelity Design

Lofi design takes you through each step of using the app, from the end user’s perspective. For BYOB, we thought of the progression of a night out – from choosing where to meet up, checking out the drinks and vibing to the music while you wait for all your friends to show up, then drifting to a new spot when you’re all in the mood for a switch up. Our designers broke this flow down in a series of wireframes.

High Fidelity Design

Wait, let me put my makeup on.

Once the flow was set, it was time to make this bad boy look pretty. Our Unpluggd designers did a great job of bringing BYOB to life with all the color, vibe and flair of a night on the town.

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