The missing link of the Caribbean food chain

Sourcing produce and marketing your harvest just got a whole lot easier. We’ve introduced a seamless way to connect the farm to the table like you’ve never seen before.

Product Client

UI/UX Designer

Fullstack Developer


Figma, React Native, Nest.js, MongoDB, GraphQL, Express



Our farmers already work hard. It’s time to work smart!

Food wastage is an out of control problem with great potential for such a simple answer. Procur is here to provide just that.

Take the guesswork and uncertainty out of food production and sales. Procur aggregates farmers of all sizes to maintain a constant supply of the goods that the industry needs the most, while ensuring fair and equal pricing for the farmers. No more double duty labouring on the land then having to do outreach to new markets and transporting the materials. We focus on the administrative work so you can focus on what you do best, without getting bogged down by the rest.


The Caribbean agricultural industry has been unfortunately haphazard for so long, it’s a wonder that this solution hasn’t already been implemented.

Data Gathering

The food chain would be nothing without its suppliers and buyers. Our first step was to compile a list of the key players.

Workflow Development

For it to be useful, this app needs to be a seamless integration into the lives of those who will use it. We broke down the key features and organized them into a quick step-by-step process.

MVP Testing

Beta testing lets us know if we’re on the right track so we can course correct early on. The key is functionality for the end users.

Our Process

First Phase

Research the market

On a hunch that the travel industry could greatly benefit from blockchain and nft involvement, we dug deeper and found out that souvenirs are a hugely underdeveloped niche market.

Second Phase

Develop the concept

The team considered a broad range of ways that users could best use blockchain technologies in traveling to improve their experiences. With almost too many to choose from, we narrowed in on a strong MVP idea and kept a list of other options in our back pocket for future development.

Third Phase

Gather Feedback

We put together a landing page of all the key features we wanted to launch with. This would be used to gauge interest from both potential users and partners while helping us craft the messaging of the app.

Fourth Phase

Design & Development

Once the flows and layouts were in place, it was time to build the app. Design lasted just shy of two months and with development ongoing, we’re on track for a start-to-finish launch in five months.


Warm, grounded and earthy was the obvious choice for this palette. Representative of the connections being formed and the lush land that forms the basis of it all.


Primary /


Secondary /


Secondary /


Text Colors

Gray 1 /


Gray 2 /


Gray 3 /


Gray 4 /


State Colors








Clean and simple is the name of the game here. Clarity is most important when it comes to communication and sales.


Line height and paragraph spacing for body text is : 1.4 x font size



large text bold

large text regular

medium text bold

medium text regular

normal text bold

normal text regular

small text bold

small text regular

Font size
Line height

A more primal sense of connectivity

Digitising the concept of farm-to-table

The aim of the Procur system is to help farmers find consistent markets for their goods and ensure that the retailers and producers have a steady stream of quality produce to bring to consumers. It creates new ways for the general public to support their local agricultural sector by linking the two together and encouraging greater collaboration.

Supporting our Farmers

Because growing your best produce should be your main focus. Let’s take the backend work out of making sure you have sales.

Seamless Procurement

Farmers tell us what goods are available; our team does the quality check to ensure it meets established standards and end user requirements before posting quantities to the app. Once quantity thresholds for our buyers are met, the Procur team will collect and deliver direct to buyer.

Incentives for quality assurance and punctuality keep the system flowing smoothly and ensure that all parties always get the best experience.

Agriculture, Reimagined

Product – to market – to consumer – at the touch of a button

Global food insecurity has been brought to the forefront in recent times due to the political and environmental climate. In developing countries where agriculture is still a large part of the economy, better systems are needed to maximise the potential of the industry. Now, there’s Procur.

Ready to build that empire?

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