Unpluggd Arena

This is how you do virtual event planning

A virtual event platform created to give you the arena experience that you love, within your living room. Guests can choose to chat with friends or interact with the crowd and other fans in nearby “seats”. For creators, get access to simple but powerful tools to design, market and execute your next event - virtually.

UI/UX Designer

Product Client

Fullstack Developer


Figma, Next.js, Node.js, GraphQL, MongoDB, Express



Strapped for a venue? Make it Unpluggd.

Forget having to find and work with local promoters on your out-of-town events. Unpluggd Arena handles setup, marketing and analysis of performance, freeing you up to make sure the event is as amazing as it can be.


With a mass movement to virtual event hosting in 2020, it followed that these events would need a space on which to be hosted. Changes in market conditions always require a shift in thinking.

Conceptual Design

The app was intended for creators, promoters and party-goers. The flow needed to be intuitive and the colors cool yet vibrant.

Business Case Development

The MVP would be a quick and easy way to get the word out about virtual events and get tickets sold. We considered the path of least resistance to doing this.

Product Design & Development

We set up a landing page to establish the brand and gauge potential user interest while the back end was built out. Flows were streamlined and functionalities for future updates considered.

Our Process

First Phase


It always starts with a hunch. Here, we took note of the changes that were happening on the entertainment scene and thought, “How do we build a shovel for this?”

Second Phase

Concept Development

Here’s where we planned out what the app would do, what it could look like and which features potential users would most appreciate.

Third Phase


Our designers built out wireframes to craft the flow of the user experience before sending it into production.

Fourth Phase


We took all the decisions and information from the previous phases and brought it all together in a blueprint for the final product.


Simple backgrounds with cool-toned accents.


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Secondary /


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The standard, round, sans-serif is accented by a casually artistic script.


Line height and paragraph spacing for body text is : 1.4 x font size


Google Fonts

large text bold

large text regular

medium text bold

medium text regular

normal text bold

normal text regular

small text bold

small text regular

Font size
Line height

Grab some popcorn and take your seat at the arena.

Familliarizing the virtual experience.

With the big move to virtual events during the pandemic, there was a huge need for platforms like this and even as life goes back to normal, we all like to attend an event from the comfort of our homes once in a while. Attendees get the experience of being seated in a virtual arena nearby their close friends and have the option of viewing along the entire room or chatting privately with those in surrounding seats – just like finding new friends while vibing together at a concert.

Collaborative Approach

Like a fine wine, these designs get better with time. Different members of our term look at the product from every angle for a well-rounded, all-things-considered, final deliverable.

Low Fidelity Design

Deciding on workflows and key MVP features was the main focus of the lofi round of design. A series of flowcharts and wireframes helped us settle on the optimal layout.

High Fidelity Design

Once all the parts and pieces are decided, it all comes together in hifi to create the final product – the arena experience from the comfort of your home.

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