Software as a Service Development

The on-demand distribution model

Custom made for your purpose.

With our white-label software solutions, your team can have a proprietary program that handles all in-house tasks from the C-suite down to your interns. If you’re the provider, our team of devs will work with you to build the software that your users need to get their jobs done.

Shovel-makers of the digital age

At Unpluggd, our philosophy is to build the tool that’s most sought after by the masses – the metaphorical shovel in a world of coal miners. Everyone loves a time saver, and whatever niche your industry falls into is sure to have a key tool that your customers are desperate for. Let’s work together to build some shovels and get them into action!

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Creating a SaaS product from the ground up

Unpluggd takes you through each phase of product development and beyond. Once complete, we can help with maintenance and continued development based on your user engagement and your team needs. Here’s what the full process looks like:


Planning & Discovery

The first step in any product development process is to complete thorough research to understand the target audience and the technical and economic landscape in which you’re planning to launch. We work with you to uncover these important details and develop a series of project documents including software requirements and a cost estimate.

UX/UI design

UI/UX & Architecture Design

Both front end and back end need to be solidly designed to deliver the most successful product. Our design teams build out the user interface to ensure target audience and brand alignment, while the software architecture is decided. Your level of involvement at this phase is entirely up to you, but regular updates from our team should be expected.

Analisis & idea


When the designs are finalized, it’s time to get your project into development. This is where the parts and pieces are put into place and your idea becomes a functional reality. After a series of testing and debugging, your product will be ready for the real world!

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How do you know we’re the one?

With Unpluggd Digital, nothing is status quo. We’re constantly evolving our thinking and our processes to implement new technologies in the most efficient and beneficial ways. 

When you’re ready to push the limits of product development and enter the realm of what’s possible to create the future, you’ll know it’s time to get Unpluggd.

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Mobile App Services

The Unpluggd Commitment

When we take on a project, it becomes as much ours as it is yours. That means we’re dedicated to building something we can be proud of, and that we know you’ll love.

This isn’t guesswork, it comes through a solid management of the process – early establishment of KPI’s, success factors and important milestones; setting mechanisms to gain and assess feedback; executing seamlessly and never failing to learn from the hiccups along the way.

Let’s get to work together.

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