Why build just a product, when you can build an empire?

We create digital products that help users operate with ease and at peak efficiency in our modern reality. In this era, that means developing both software solutions and on-chain programs that power decentralised organisations and harness the power of the Blockchain.

From idea to functional product

When we promise ease and efficiency, it isn't just for your end users. Our process makes it seamless to go from just an idea to a fully developed product.

Your product deserves time and attention that, let’s face it, you don’t always have. When you bring your idea to Unpluggd Digital, our team works with you to understand the need, define the parameters and KPIs, refine the approach and iteratively develop the best solution for your project.


Collaboration is key to our process


Schedule a brief, 30 minute call to discuss your plans and ideas. We will give our feedback and proposed methodology. Once we both decide that it’s a good fit, we will provide you with the next steps toward building your new product.

Gathering & Analysis Requirements

Through a series of discussions and data gathering, our team will ensure we come to a mutual understanding of the needs of your project, at which point we will present you with a full project brief to minimise any possible miscommunications before beginning development.

MVP Creation & Full Development

Using an iterative approach, our devs work through the kinks and intricacies of your project, seeking your feedback at key inflection points to ensure we are on target with what you need and keeping abreast of changing requirements.

Behind every product, there's a story...

BYOB – and Bring the Party to You

Whether your remote company is trying to plan its next happy hour, your old college friends can’t make it to the same city for a night on the town, or you find yourself in the middle of a global pandemic, BYOB lets you bring the party home.

Unpluggd Travel

Imagine a world where your souvenirs didn’t have to stay stuck to your fridge. Where you could be rewarded for exploring and discovering new, amazing places and sharing it with the world. Where your selfie gallery serves as a digital passport of all the places you’ve been, and makes you money in the process. Stop dreaming! Unpluggd is changing the game and digitizing travel in ways you’ve never thought possible.


Sourcing produce and marketing your harvest just got a whole lot easier. We’ve introduced a seamless way to connect the farm to the table like you’ve never seen before.

Unpluggd Jobs

Job boards today are using the word ‘remote’ like a fun new buzzword, making it hard to find truly remote positions in locations you’re eligible to work. With Unpluggd Jobs, job seekers can filter through postings by region and type, so you spend less time on dead ends and more time perfecting that application and brushing up on the required skills so you land the spot you want.

Unpluggd Digital on Medium

A look into the Unpluggd mind. Here’s what we think about SaaS, new technologies and the business of software development.

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